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How To Choose The Right Zipper?

Posted by Admin on November, 19, 2020

There are numerous projects in which zippers are used. Starting for a pillow to boat covers, the zipper is useful in almost everything. But when it comes to selecting the right zipper for these products it becomes difficult to choose. There are amazing variations and options for the zipper which are overwhelming and amazing. No 8 CFC zipper manufacturers also provide you with different types of zippers to select from.
This article will be helpful for you to choose the right zipper for your need. Read through to know more and select correctly.

The Size Of The Zipper

Let us start with the size of the zipper. The zippers are labelled with a number designation. These numbers are based on the width of the zipper teeth. This is in millimetres. For the teeth of the zipper that is labelled as #5 is 5mm. Therefore to get the exact measurement you need to look at the specification on the tab and the zipper page. This will help you to select better and in an easier way. The larger the teeth of the zipper, the bigger the size will be.

Metal, Coil Or VISLON

You can shorten the list of the zipper and select faster and easier by selecting the type of teeth that you want on your zipper. Mainly you will get three types of zipper teeth. They are VISLON, coil and metal. One of the most common types of the zipper that is available everywhere is VISLON. This will have teeth made of Delrin plastic. This makes them waterproof and strong. These are available in different sizes as well.
The coil zippers are more flexible and stronger than those of the VISLON zipper. This is a great choice for the products or applications that are round or curved. These are also available in different sizes.

The metal zippers have a different entity. There is polished metal teeth zipper which is good for purses, bags, cushion interiors, backpacks and much more. Some manufactures provide you with an amazing range of metal zippers.

Finished Or Continuous

The style and length are referred to using the terms continuous and finished as a whole. Jacket zipper is the other name for the finished zipper. This is because it is commonly used in jackets and coats. In the zippers that are finished, you will get a pin or a starter box at the end of the tape of the zipper. These zippers have a slider along with it. The applications for the finished zipper is where you want the sides of the zipper to separate like genoa sleeve, cost or the side panes of an enclosure in the cockpit.

The continuous zipper is a bit different. These zippers do not have an endpoint or a beginning point. These are usually sewn into a project at the ends like a tent, bag or cushion. These zippers do not come along with the slides. This is why you need to purchases these separately. If the end of the zipper is not sewn shut, you can do it to prevent the zip from falling.

Non-Locking And Locking

The non-locking and locking refers to the sliders of the zipper. Locking zipper sliders have a small lock mechanism in them which keeps these sliders in place unless the tab of the slider is pulled. This helps in preventing the slider from moving from its place even if it is forced.

The non-locking sliders allow the zipper to separate by pulling on any part of the zipper or even by pulling the teeth of the zipper away. This is used in for application where you have to quickly separate the zipper.

These were some of the points which were necessary for you to know. Using these points you can choose and select the right zipper for your use. Choose the best manufacturers and suppliers of CFC heavy zipper or the zipper of your choice and source it from them at an affordable price.

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